2001 After Kubrick, Mccracken


I pursue an interest in the greater flow of energy through systems. These systems include alternative energy, social activism, viewer interaction, material reclamation, and social hierarchies through the processes of sculpture, installation, performance and public art. The viewer is confronted with humorous, sublime, ironic, raucous, yet strangely hopeful views of the world around them, that begs for their active participation in the understanding of the systems that affect them daily. I describe my work as populist, in that I purposefully create many points of entry in order to engage a larger population of viewers. I work within the modes of capitalist ventures in a hope to subvert, pervert or moralize them ideologically. I implement product designs and model businesses that seem strangely feasible, yet, will never find their way on to the commercial market. My interest in alternative energy and its possible effects on economic powers has led me to a recent body of work meant, at once, to celebrate, criticize, and memorialize the antique industries of fossil fuel production.